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2013 CCAR Legislative Priorities


• Meaningful reform to the state’s taxation system that will enhance business growth opportunities without inhibition the success and growth potential of existing industry.
(Include Act 388) – Support for Gov. Haley’s 6% Elimination
•Eliminate SC Corporate Income Tax
• Ban Private Transfer Taxes in the state of South Carolina - SCR 2012 Priority H.3095
• Continue supporting the removal of Impact Fees in Georgetown County


• Real Estate Practice Act Update – SCR 2012 Priority*
• LLR and Real Estate Commission Reform – SCR 2012 Priority* 
• HOA Regulatory Laws to define and restrict HOA’s from violating Personal Property Rights – SCR 2012 • 
• Continue protecting a REALTORS® Right to Fill in a Contract*
• Streamlining the environmental permitting process


• Federal Funding for  Interstates I-73 and I-74 
• Federal Funding for the Southern Evacuation Lifeline(SELL)
• Support creation of a Federal Infrastructure Bank
• Funding for beach renourishment.
• Funding for deep water ocean outfall projects.
• Support the expansion and maintenance of the Georgetown Port, including dredging & deepening.
• Support full funding of the federal highway reauthorization bill 
• Funding for adequate maintenance of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway to enhance commercial & recreational benefits to businesses, residents and visitors.
• Inclusion of coastal South Carolina in studies/plans for national high-speed rail system.
• Completion of the Myrtle Beach International Technology and Aerospace Park (MBITAP)


• Meet or exceed needs-based funding local post-secondary educational institutions; specifically Coastal Carolina University & Horry-Georgetown Technical College
• Support “America Competes” reauthorization Act (S 3605) which enhances recruitment/training of K-12 math/science teachers; increases support for science-technology-engineering-mathematics students in higher education.

Energy & Environment

• Support the concept of Conservation Sub-Divisions as a win-win for developers and the environment
• Comprehensive energy plan to ensure energy independence in our future and optimize cost-effective use of renewable & alternative energy sources, including nuclear power, solar power and wind energy.  Ensure efficient delivery of energy needs to commercial and residential customers while directing tax incentives at job creation through alternative energy sources.
• Support environmentally-friendly drilling for natural gas of the coast of South Carolina at a distance that minimizes risk to the coastal environment, the coastal tourism industry and coastal real estate values.
• Support sensible, flexible, incentive-based guidelines of recycling programs within targeted industries.


• Support meaningful reform to the South Carolina Medicaid system
• Enabling legislation to allow non-profit organizations to provide healthcare benefits to small businesses
• Sensible market-based reforms to national healthcare laws to provide suitable coverage alternatives for employers/employees, reduce non-medical healthcare costs, increase portability, enhance interstate coverage options and limit coverage exclusions due to pre-existing conditions.


• Continue support for the recurring funding source: the 2-for-1 destination-specific matching tourism promotional grant program
• Maintain current fee structure at Myrtle Beach International Airport to sustain growth of air service to the community.

*Issues specific to the Real Estate Industry